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Hello welcome to Wizard Studios. I am working on some scratch games along with pygame games which you can download from
Note: Games with the Legacy title are no longer being worked of.

NEWS:THE GREAT DISCONTINUMENT. All Scratch projects beside Outside are discontinued. Tari's Adventure and Being a Brookland Dodger have one update left. Geotec 1.3 is a thing now in the form of ooplocks (not currently public), all prior versions are discontinued. My Python Archive Runner (not public of now) is not recieving updates since it is stable. Yatero, is finished though could see some more updates in the future. Currently I am testing some 3d crap with PyOpenGL (if you read this far you are a LEGEND).

Downloadable Games!:
Being a Brookland Dodger Tari's Adventure
information about Tari's Adventure: So I want to explain the purpose of why I am updating Geotec. the reason for this is that I am adding smooth screen scrolling with more convieient map editing. Now Tari's Adventure has smooth scrolling but it sucks and is hard to make functional so I am making it easier the engine for Tari's Adventure was cooked up in a day by messing with the original Geotek engine (the difference in spelling is not a mistake)